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Gear Discount Opportunity!

There is an opportunity to purchase collegiate level playing gear at half the price!  If you need or want to upgrade or replace your gear it doesn't get better than this.

Adrenaline Lacrosse supplies equipment for the current NCAA champion Notre Dame Fighting Irish men's lacrosse team. Through bulk purchasing, the club receives up to 50% off their gear. The club will make a one-time order for Adrenaline equipment on November 1. Please contact Ben Decena if interested. Payment to the club will be required to complete the order.  Please note, their heads will require the materials and knowledge to string a head. The link to the team store and our prices is as follows:

Phoenix Arm Guard-$66.00 in S/M

Phoenix Arm Pad-$66.00 in S/M/XL

Phoenix Elbow Cap-$27.50 in M

Phoenix Gloves-$98.99 in S-M/L-XL/XXL ($80 for youth size)

Nomad (Midfield) Head-$44 in white, red and metallic green

Automatic (Attack) Head-$44 in white

Admiral carbon fiber shaft-$91 in black

Captain metal shaft-$45 in black, gunmetal, silver

Master Chief metal shaft-$30 in same colors


For more pictures and info on the available gear please see the team store here:

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REGISTRATIONS for the 2023-2024 SEASON

Please click on the links below for registration.

Fall Ball is for fall girls teams and fall boys HS team
Fall Ball runs from September - December

Spring Season is for fall/spring boys youth teams and spring girls teams and spring boys HS team
Spring Season runs from:
October - April for Boys Youth
January - May for Girls teams and Boys HS

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