Oro Valley Lacrosse Club offers Kindergarten through High School opportunities to play an exciting sport for both boys and girls. Together with other Tucson Lacrosse clubs, your young athlete will thoroughly enjoy youth lacrosse with the emphasis on spor

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We require accurate registration information to build rosters and adhere to the rules set forth by different leagues and US Lacrosse.  Please ensure all information is as accurate as possible at the registration.

Please, pay attention to the date of birth of your participant!  This is a field on the website that cannot be changed once entered without an administrator of the website approval and important as we verify the participant's age and eligibility in the program!

SEASON REGISTRATION:  A valid US Lacrosse membership for the entire season is required to sign up for season teams.  There are two options to register or renew your US Lacrosse membership:

1)Go to www.uslacrosse.org and register or renew your participant for a membership.  You will get a membership number (not an order number) in an email confirmation if you are a first time registrant.  Go to our website after (www.orovalleylacrosse.org) and put in the membership number when asked.  If you are renewing, you should be able to continue to register your participant after successful renewal at uslacrosse website.

2)Continue registration on this site and when asked for a membership number, you should be able to let our website navigate you to the uslacrosse website to register or renew.  Our website should validate that you successfully registered/renewed when you return to our website.

Membership provides limited liability insurance for your participant and the club as well as many other benefits and discounts through US Lacrosse.  When you register, please select that your participant plays in the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club.

If there seems to be a problem when you attempt to register your participant on our website, please attempt these three steps:

1)Wait....relogin to our site after the link between uslacrosse.org and our website updates

2)Ensure that the name, date of birth, on both websites are the same

3)Call US Lacrosse.  There have been hiccups in which parents have successfully called US Lacrosse and fixed it.  Please keep us informed if you need help at 

US Lacrosse membership is not required for clinic registration.  Separate liability insurance is paid for by the club.

Below is the general guideline for what team your participant is eligible for:

FOR ALL HIGH SCHOOL, the Arizona Lacrosse League (ALL) and Arizona Girls Lacrosse Association (AGLA) recognize players that are in high school as eligible for high school lacrosse play.

FOR GIRLS YOUTH (8th grade and under), the Arizona Girls Youth Lacrosse League (AGYL) has determined to play teams based on grade.  There is a 6th through 8th grade division and 3rd through 5th grade division.  The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club has determined the best way to manage this is to use US Lacrosse age grouping that would essentially equate to this.  Girls 14U eligibility dates on this website equate to 6th through 8th grade.  Girls 11U eligibility dates on this website equate to 3rd through 5th grade.  We understand there are exceptions, please talk to the girls coaches if there is an error in registering.  Please do not use the below chart, this is for boys youth.

FOR BOYS YOUTH (Age 14 years and under), the Arizona Youth Lacrosse League (AYL) and Tucson Youth Lacrosse League (TYL) uses the US Lacrosse age grouping with one exception.  The player will be on the team in which he is of age or under during the season.  The season generally ends at the end of March, so the table below separates ages on in APRIL rather than September (USL age grouping chart).  See the Arizona youth leagues modified chart to easily determine what team to sign up for.


Girls' CLUB HS 2020 - FALL BALL

HS Lacrosse Registration through the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club


Girls CLUB HS Team - Fall Season

Base Cost: $75.00

Opened: 09/20/2020
Closes: 12/14/2020

Open to: Girls
born between: 09/02/2001 and 09/01/2008

In Grades: 7 to 12 for 2020-21 School year