Oro Valley Lacrosse Club offers Kindergarten through High School opportunities to play an exciting sport for both boys and girls. Together with other Tucson Lacrosse clubs, your young athlete will thoroughly enjoy youth lacrosse with the emphasis on spor

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Oro Valley Lacrosse Club

List of Events for 2022-2023 Season (subject to change)

Current as of 19-Jul-22

August 2022

12th – Registration OPEN for all teams

7th, 14th, 21st, 28th - 6-7pm - Free Lacrosse Drop in Sessions @ Naranja Park (Equipment Turn In)


11th, 18th, 25th - 530-630pm - Free Lacrosse Drop in Sessions @ Naranja Park

week of the 26th - Girls 14U, Girls HS and Boys HS  start fall season practices (end December 18th)


week of the 17th - Boys 14U and Boys 12U start practices (end in early April)

29th - 30th- Girls 14U and Girls HS @ Southwest Classic Tournament (Gilbert, AZ)


5th - ALL TEAMS - Annual faceoff/draw DINNER - (TBD location)

week of the 1st - Boys 10U start practices (end in early April)

19th and 20th - Girls 14U and Girls HS  @ AZ Showdown Tournament (Maricopa, AZ)

23rd through 27th - ALL TEAMS reduced practice schedule for Thanksgiving Break (TBD)


week of the 5th - Boys 8U start practices (end in early April)

16th - Girls 14UGirls HS end fall season practices

16th - Boys HS end fall season practices

17th and 18th - Girls 14U and Girls HS @ Lax 4 Life Tournament (Mesa, AZ)

17th and 18th - Boys 10UBoys 12UBoys 14U, Boys HS @ Lax 4 Life Tournament (Mesa, AZ)

19th through Jan 2nd - Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10UBoys 8U reduced practice schedule for Winter Break

January 2023

7th – Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10UBoys 8U @ Oro Valley Holiday Classic - OVHC (Naranja Park, OV, AZ)

9th - Girls 14U, Girls 11U, COED Development 8U start spring season practices (Girls end April 9th, COED end March 10th)

9th - Boys HS start spring season practices (end mid May)

16th - Girls HS start spring season practices (end mid May)

29th - Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10U, Boys 8U start league play with AYL/TYL (Reach 11, North Phoenix AZ/ end April 8th)


4th - COED Development 8U start scrimmages (Naranja Park OV, AZ)

4th - Girls 14UGirls 11U start league play with AGYL (end April 8th)

12th – Girls HS - Play Date Scrimmages (TBD, AZ)

12th – Girls HS – AGLA/AGYL integration event (coaching younger girls, 3v3 tournament, HS scrimmages) (TBD, AZ)

13th & 14th – ALL TEAMS Club Photos (Individual & Team Photos provided by Once Upon A Time Photo)

21st - Boys HS start league play with ALL (TBD schedule that should come out in January / end mid May)

21st - Girls HS start league play with AGLA (TBD schedule that should come out in January / end mid May)

25th - ALL TEAMS Rodeo Break Weekend, NO GAMES


10th through 20th - ALL TEAMS reduced practice & game schedule for Spring Break


8th - Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10U , Boys 8U @ AYL/TYL Cactus Cup Tournament (TBD, AZ / end of season)

8th - Girls 14UGirls 11U @ AGYL end-of-season Tournament (TBD location / end of season)

15th - Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10UBoys 8UCOED Development 8U @ END OF YEAR PARTY (TBD, AZ)

15th - Girls 14U, Girls 11U @ END OF YEAR PARTY (TBD location)

22nd - Boys HS end of regular season with ALL (Championship Playoff TBD the following week)

30th - Girls HS end of regular season with AGLA (Championship Playoff TBD the following week)


TBD - Girls HSBoys HS @ END OF YEAR PARTY (unless in Championship Playoff / TBD location)


week of 22nd - OVLC Summer Clinic (1st of multiple / TBD)