Ironwood Ridge HS
Address: 2475 W Naranja Dr Map
City: Oro Valley, AZ Map
Naranja Park
Address: 810 W Naranja Drive Map
City: Oro Valley, AZ Map

Naranja Park has four large fields tucked away from the entrance.

The parks department labels the fields 1 through 4.  Field 1 is the SW field.  Field 2 is the SE field.  Field 3 is the NW field.  Field 4 is the NE field.

The address is the entrance to the park (on GPS), as you enter, just to the left/west is the Archery area.  Continue on the drive, up & over to the fields on the right/east side.  Plenty of parking is available in a paved parking lot & dirt parking lot.  This is a growth park & will accomodate more fields, even indoor fields in the future.  Support Naranja Park with the local government of Oro Valley to continue building out the park.

From Naranja Dr:

From the east, on Oracle Rd, take the 1st Ave intersection (between the Oro Valley Retail Center), north past the wash bridge to the Naranja Dr intersection, then left/west on Naranja Dr & look for signs to enter the park to the right/north

From the west, on La Canada Dr, take Naranja Rd (just north of the zPizza Shopping Center), east, then look for signs to enter the park to the left/north

Google link:

Driving Map
Riverfront Park
Address: 551 W. Lambert Lane Map
City: Oro Valley, AZ Map

This park has two open fields for lacrosse on the west and south ends of the park.

The address will get you to the entrance of a parking lot, all parking spots are good to park in and walk to the fields.

Normally, we call the west field (past the tennis courts) the UPPER FIELD & the south field (past the ramada & playground) the LOWER FIELD.

Take Lambert Ln:

From the east, off Oracle Rd, take the Pusch View Ln intersection (just south of the Oro Valley Retail Center) west that turns into Lambert Ln, then left/south into the park @ the pedestrian stop light (look for signs)

From the west, off La Canada Dr, take Lambert Ln intersection (just south of Frys Shopping Center) east, then right/south into the park @ the pedestrian stop light (look for signs)

Google Maps link:

Driving Map