Oro Valley Lacrosse Club offers Kindergarten through High School opportunities to play an exciting sport for both boys and girls. Together with other Tucson Lacrosse clubs, your young athlete will thoroughly enjoy youth lacrosse with the emphasis on spor

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OV SWAG = SquadLocker Store

OV Lacrosse Swag is now purchasable through Squad Locker!

Oro Valley Lacrosse has teamed up with Squad Locker to produce most of our merch/swag for this year!  There are many benefits and every purchase helps support our club - so get to ordering!

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Benefits include:

  • Store will stay open for the entire season
  • They will start working on your order as soon as you place it
  • There are no minimum orders - they will make it as soon as they get it
  • It's shipped direct to your house
  • There are some great customizations, to include logo, name and even a number

Helpful tips navigating the store:

  • Choose the Department first (Women, Men, Girls, Boys) - this will narrow down the selection and make it easier to choose for specific people you are buying for.
  • Once an item is chosen and clicked on, you can then choose which logo design, size, and customization is also an option for most items (for an additional charge).
  • Most items have a sizing chart.
  • The duffel and backpacks have not been tested specifically for lacrosse by anyone in our group (that I know of) but received good reviews on Amazon.
  • The UNIFORMS section is not really uniforms, it's just more "sporty" items that did not fit into the casual sections.


by posted 10/27/2022
Parking Limited @ Naranja Park

Parking is very limited for the entire 2022-2023 season at Naranja Park

The town of Oro Valley is busily constructing 4 new fields at Naranja Park north of our current fields.  We are very excited to double the size of Naranja Park and know the new layout will be very exciting for everyone involved.  Construction is scheduled to end around May of 2023.  Key Stewards of the park met in June of 2022 to discuss the severely limited parking at Naranja Park - the end result was there wasn't much we can do to solve the problem.  Some key takeaways are below:

  • Please consider dropping off and picking up your athlete from practices this entire season in designated spots below
  • OVLC is considering posting a team parent at drop off and pickup for our younger athletes to ensure they get to practice and safely return
  • Give Coaches the parking spots in front!  Our volunteer coaches would be very happy to park in front/closest to the fields so that they can transport equipment to/from the practice fields and BE ON TIME to practice

​Let's all be courteous to every user of the park!  We have been allowed to park on the west dirt lot on the entrance road to the park (where there will be a memorial someday - see below).  This should be considered if you must park and there is no spots available.  Please - DO NOT park illegally; SLOW DOWN in the parking lots based on anticipated congestion.

by posted 08/10/2022
Calendar List of Events


Oro Valley Lacrosse Club

List of Events for 2022-2023 Season (subject to change)

Current as of 19-Jul-22

August 2022

12th – Registration OPEN for all teams

7th, 14th, 21st, 28th - 6-7pm - Free Lacrosse Drop in Sessions @ Naranja Park (Equipment Turn In)


11th, 18th, 25th - 530-630pm - Free Lacrosse Drop in Sessions @ Naranja Park

week of the 26th - Girls 14U, Girls HS and Boys HS  start fall season practices (end December 18th)


week of the 17th - Boys 14U and Boys 12U start practices (end in early April)

29th - 30th- Girls 14U and Girls HS @ Southwest Classic Tournament (Gilbert, AZ)


5th - ALL TEAMS - Annual faceoff/draw DINNER - (TBD location)

week of the 1st - Boys 10U start practices (end in early April)

19th and 20th - Girls 14U and Girls HS  @ AZ Showdown Tournament (Maricopa, AZ)

23rd through 27th - ALL TEAMS reduced practice schedule for Thanksgiving Break (TBD)


week of the 5th - Boys 8U start practices (end in early April)

16th - Girls 14UGirls HS end fall season practices

16th - Boys HS end fall season practices

17th and 18th - Girls 14U and Girls HS @ Lax 4 Life Tournament (Mesa, AZ)

17th and 18th - Boys 10UBoys 12UBoys 14U, Boys HS @ Lax 4 Life Tournament (Mesa, AZ)

19th through Jan 2nd - Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10UBoys 8U reduced practice schedule for Winter Break

January 2023

7th – Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10UBoys 8U @ Oro Valley Holiday Classic - OVHC (Naranja Park, OV, AZ)

9th - Girls 14U, Girls 11U, COED Development 8U start spring season practices (Girls end April 9th, COED end March 10th)

9th - Boys HS start spring season practices (end mid May)

16th - Girls HS start spring season practices (end mid May)

29th - Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10U, Boys 8U start league play with AYL/TYL (Reach 11, North Phoenix AZ/ end April 8th)


4th - COED Development 8U start scrimmages (Naranja Park OV, AZ)

4th - Girls 14UGirls 11U start league play with AGYL (end April 8th)

12th – Girls HS - Play Date Scrimmages (TBD, AZ)

12th – Girls HS – AGLA/AGYL integration event (coaching younger girls, 3v3 tournament, HS scrimmages) (TBD, AZ)

13th & 14th – ALL TEAMS Club Photos (Individual & Team Photos provided by Once Upon A Time Photo)

21st - Boys HS start league play with ALL (TBD schedule that should come out in January / end mid May)

21st - Girls HS start league play with AGLA (TBD schedule that should come out in January / end mid May)

25th - ALL TEAMS Rodeo Break Weekend, NO GAMES


10th through 20th - ALL TEAMS reduced practice & game schedule for Spring Break


8th - Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10U , Boys 8U @ AYL/TYL Cactus Cup Tournament (TBD, AZ / end of season)

8th - Girls 14UGirls 11U @ AGYL end-of-season Tournament (TBD location / end of season)

15th - Boys 14UBoys 12UBoys 10UBoys 8UCOED Development 8U @ END OF YEAR PARTY (TBD, AZ)

15th - Girls 14U, Girls 11U @ END OF YEAR PARTY (TBD location)

22nd - Boys HS end of regular season with ALL (Championship Playoff TBD the following week)

30th - Girls HS end of regular season with AGLA (Championship Playoff TBD the following week)


TBD - Girls HSBoys HS @ END OF YEAR PARTY (unless in Championship Playoff / TBD location)


week of 22nd - OVLC Summer Clinic (1st of multiple / TBD)


by posted 08/01/2022
Get your lax stick strung by Coach Chris

Need a new string job on your lax stick?

Coach Chris Cardinal is offering his services up to ALL OVLC players.

For just $15, you can get Coach Chris to re-string your favorite stick for the new season.  You can either supply the new string and net or he can recommend and order something for you

Coach Chris has got an instagram account for you to take a look at his awesome work, @arizonalaxstrings, your local resource for a string job done right

by posted 10/26/2019
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Field Status
Naranja Park - Oro Valley OPEN (5/30) 
Pusch Ridge Christian Ac - Oro Valley OPEN (5/30) 
Riverfront Park - Oro Valley OPEN (5/30) 
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