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Tournament Week
by posted 12/05/2021


It’s tournament week!  The coaches and I are extremely pumped to put some finishing touches on the kids this week to get them ready for their first game action.  I have a couple of quick items I want to pass on before the week starts:

1)  There have been some questions about the practice credit for the players which counts toward earning a spear.  I clarify the criteria.  Players receive credit for the practice if:

a. They are dressed on the field NLT 5:35 PM.  Practice starts at 5:30 PM but I’m willing to give a 5-minute grace period to work with people getting off work and driving their kid to the fields.

b. Time will be based on my watch.  I have an Apple watch so it gets GPS time.  No other times from other sources will be used.

c. Coach Frank is the final arbitrator for close calls.

d. All decisions are final.

e. Everyone got credit for last week’s practices since these rules weren’t spelled out.

That was my best military way of laying out the rules!  All joking aside, I really appreciate everyone’s response to my call for attendance.  As a result, the kids are responding on the field and are making HUGE strides.


2) I don’t have the tournament specifics.  As soon as I do, I will pass it to Kristi to get out to you all.  I promise to not sit on information.  As soon as I have it, I’ll pass it out.  I typically get a game schedule for the weekend by Wednesday.  If there are delays to that, I’ll pass that info to you as well.  I know we are all anxious to know the who, what, when, and where’s.  Trust me I am too.  Stand by for more words about Lax-4-Life.  As soon as I know, you will as well.


3) This week will focus a lot on progressions of the drills we’ve been doing and game simulations.  Remember, I asked all the kids to watch a LAX game before our next practice since we didn’t have practice on Saturday.  Watching the game of LAX will go a long way on the kids understanding a lot of the concepts we teach them.  A great game to watch is this year’s National Championship game between Virginia and Maryland.  Another great option is the game between Army and Syracuse from 21 Feb.  Both are fast paced with lots of great scoring and defense.  They should be able to keep a 9-10 year old’s attention.


Again, thanks for all of your support.  I can’t wait to put the work in this week so the kids are successful this weekend. See you Tuesday.

Coach Frank

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Custom Fit Mouthguard for OV LAX players
by posted 12/01/2021


See below for information from Dental Pros for a custom fit mouthguard at no cost to the player:

If you are interested, sign up at the Google link and let me know and I can foward you the waiver and health/dental history forms. 



We will be hosting OV players on for their custom fit mouthguard fittings on , Friday December 17th 2021 from 1:00-5:00 PM at our NW office. 
6450 N. Oracle Rd. Tucson, AZ 85704. We are in the same plaza as Hobby Lobby right behind the Oreganos On Oracle and Orange Grove. 
Players must have parents present to sign off waivers and fill out health and dental history forms
We can only see 9 players every 15 minutes. Please do not double book or add more players as we will not have the space or staff to be able to do more than the amount allowed. If there is a specific circumstance with time issues please reach out to me and let me know to see if we can accommodate any additional players. Players must be signed up by no later than December 8th to ensure we have the proper amount of materials and staff to host OV Lacrosse. You may share the link with parents if it easier or if you want team managers to manage the sign up sheets, whatever you decide. 
or any players that are currently in Orthodontic treatment we will not be able to do a custom mouthguard as constant adjustments and shift in teeth will not allow player mouthguards to fit while in treatment. For players that are in orthodontic treatment we will be handing out pre fabricated Orthodontic Sports mouthguards to have for the season. 
I have attached our waiver and  health and history forms on the next email if anyone wants to print at home and fill out before coming in. 
We will also be offering to OV players and family members promotions and discounts if anyone is interested in Dental, Oral Surgery, or Orthodontic treatment for the remainder of the OV season. 
Please reach out to me with any questions or concerns.
Look forward to getting all the players in for their custom fit mouthguards!
Hope you all had a wonderful holiday with your loved ones. 
Warm Regards, 


Yuleth Camacho 

Director of Operations 

Office Phone: 520-290-8787 Fax: 520-290-2278 





Thank you,


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Practice Attendance
by posted 11/29/2021


We are less than 2 weeks from our first tournament.  While we are just as excited as the players, there is a lot of work left to do.  We have to buckle down these last 5 practices in order to get the kids as comfortable with the positions, physicality and pace of play as possible.  For everyone’s information, 10U games are more competitive than 8U games (for those who moved up from 8U this year.)  Many of the Phoenix teams are well practiced and can sometimes be physical.  There is a lot of running involved (hence, the reason why we focus on conditioning during practices.)  10U games also require a different level of skill and mastery of the basics (scooping, passing, catching.)  Players need to practice these basics on their own when they aren’t at practice with us.  5 minutes a day will make the world of difference over the course of the season.  


That being said, I need all of your help with practices.  We’ve routinely only had approximately 2/3 of the team at any given practice.  As we move forward, I’m asking for maximum attendance at practice from all the players.


Practices will be increasingly more important for players to attend for the following reasons:  

·       Player attendance at practices helps us know each player’s skill set.  This in-turn allows us to make roster decisions for the following weekend placing players in positions where they have the greatest chance of success on the field.  

·       Players attending practice learn important skills that may not be taught at every practice.  If they miss learning a skill, they will fall behind (especially for newer players.)  Players also learn plays on the field and learn to trust their teammates during practice which carries over to game play.

·       Parents encouraging kids to attend practice helps hold the kids accountable to their commitment, and the kids see that practicing with the team and being part of the team is important for both learning the game and growing with the team.  


Additionally, we will be rewarding practice attendance.  Every 5 practices where a player is dressed and ready at the start of practice, the player will earn one spear.  This is a freebie for the players but is incumbent on parent’s participation. This will also help with the accountability bullet above.


Time for us all to put the work in so the kids are as successful as possible on the 11th!  I appreciate all of your support up to this point and look forward to working with you to help these kids grow in the sport of Lacrosse!  See you all tomorrow.

Coach Frank

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