Oro Valley Lacrosse Club offers Kindergarten through High School opportunities to play an exciting sport for both boys and girls. Together with other Tucson Lacrosse clubs, your young athlete will thoroughly enjoy youth lacrosse with the emphasis on spor

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by posted 01/19/2021

COED 8U parents - 

Quick email to answer some questions from parents about this Saturday.  We talked about starting Saturdays this weekend....

I'd like to invite our developmental team out THIS SATURDAY, from 830am - 930am to do a real game/scrimmage of lacrosse!  Same field, having fun - learning the fastest game on two feet

Our coaches have confirmed that they will coach and officiate...

You will see an update to the calendar on this website -hope to see all of you there!

As far as next weekend, January 30th, we think we will have another Saturday scrimmage, but just confirming that we have the coaching for it....

Coach Doug


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Team News - COED 8U still practicing
by posted 01/09/2021

Our Little Warrior Parents - 

Weekly update on our developmental team....

We will still practice on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 530pm - 630pm at Naranja Park

There was a little mix up in the emails that came out to continue to let the larger crowd that we are having a season of lacrosse.  My apologies - but we will still be in our season that started this week.

Please consider buying some awesome swag/merch from our store

You have elected to get your kids in sports and this awesome sport of lacrosse...thank you!  We are a non-profit organization that fundraises through many different ways to allow for special things to happen for our club.  Swag is one way to show your pride in your athlete as well as fund things like clinics, better equipment and cool parties and events we have.  Your registration covers the cost of putting your athlete on the field and not much more.  Thank you

There "may" be an opportunity to play a scrimmage game on January 23rd

With events going on, we sure can't be certain, but we are attempting to have an event we normally would have had today on January 23rd.  Our very own, Oro Valley Holiday Classic, is a pre-season jamboree of games where all our teams are able to get a pre-season feel for the season.  This year, it will be a little smaller than usual, but we always want to showcase our COED 8U Team in a scrimmage during it.  I won't know the time until later, but please mark your calendars as it's a fun time to get out and strut our stuff while watching the older teams play.

We will introduce one more HS coach to mix this coming week, Coach Adam Bell

We still would like a mom/dad to help step up to keep things in order for the team during practices and scrimmages.  No lacrosse experience necessary.  Our girls HS coaches have been doing a great job in coaching the sport, but do admit...it's a lot of work to keep everyone motivated.  Please consider making an impact in our children's lives but helping with keeping the energy high and focused.  Please reply back to this email if you are willing to help.

See you all this coming Tuesday and Thursday (Jan 12th and 14th) at 530pm for some awesome lacrosse fun

Coach Doug


PS We are still accepting registrations for all teams, so recommend us to another family

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Happy NY! It's time to start laxing....
by posted 12/31/2020

Greetings and Happy New Year!

Let me introduce myself...I'm Coach Doug Charters.  I coach the girls HS and Boys 8U program and the Vice President of Girls Lacrosse for the Oro Valley Lacrosse Club.

I'll be working with our COED 8U Developmental Team this year to get you guys going in the right direction!

I know it's a little late, but I wanted to let you know that we are still planning on starting your budding "laxthlete" with practice starting January 5th (Tuesday), 530-630pm at Naranja Park.


Practice Schedule

We will normally practice on Tuesdays & Thursdays from 530pm - 630pm.  We will have either a scrimmage or practice on Saturdays, 8-9am.  All practices and games will be at Naranja Park (Field 3 - Northwest Field).  The website should be the one stop shop for you to know about schedules, but we pride ourselves on communication, so you'll see emails (that will also be available as "team news" on the website), and we have a facebook/instagram/twitter account for you to follow.


We have an all-star lacrosse expert high school staff that will be the "subject matter experts" in the field and they are posted on our website.

What we so strongly desire is some parents to step up and help with that ever-more-important ability to wrangle these budding stars!  There is absolutely zero lacrosse skills needed, but you will find that "parent coaching" helps us keep a fun and motivating practice, while our high school coaches learn from you and teach this awesome sport as well.

Please consider replying to this email with your interest in being the "parent coach" alongside our high school experts to provide a positive team environment our young athletes deserve so much!

1st practice checklist

  1. Wear some "weather appropriate" workout cloths
  2. Bring some water (we cannot share or provide water)
  3. Make sure your athlete is ready to have TONS OF FUN

Some optional items and items to get as we go through the season are 1)mouthguard 2)cleats

What we will provide

  1. Awesome coaching by US Lacrosse Level 1 Certified High School Coaches
  2. ALL LACROSSE EQUIPMENT - to include stick


Another email this weekend....


Coach Douglas Charters

VP of Girls Lacrosse, Girls HS and Boys 8U Head Coach


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