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by posted 01/19/2021

Boys 8U parents - 

I've had such a fun time coaching our boys - they are really working well together and learning....

Please interact with your athlete to ask some "intelligent questions" that will surprise them

  • How's the passing and catching left handed?  (oh mom - it's tough)
  • Are you working on "triangle spacing"?
  • So, how do you know who's got two and who's got ball?
  • Are you having fun?

It's always good to know how your son is doing and these are some questions that I think you will like the intelligent answers they give you....

Coaches would like to have our first Saturday practice, starting this weekend 815-930am.  We will set up a real scrimmage and get them competitive with each other.

I'll add the practice to the Saturday schedule

As far as next weekend, we are potentially anticipating that some southern Phoenix teams to come down to play lacrosse with us.  If that's the case, we most likely will set up some games against those teams...more later, but be ready for next weekend's games.

Coach Doug & Adam


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Boys 8U weekly update
by posted 01/10/2021

Boys 8U parents - 

Thanks for getting your athletes out to practices.  I think they really have enjoyed the small group as each of them are getting great coaching.

We'll continue the Tuesday and Thursday practices from 545-7pm

Now that we are into January, we will be very steady with the practice schedule.  We will start including Saturday practices when it's appropriate.

Game schedule is still very jello

Right now, there is a potential to start games on January 23rd, but I don't know if that will happen, due to our environment.  My current thought is that if we have games on the first Saturday, they will be at Naranja Park with a select few teams from south Phoenix coming down to play.  It will be our OV Holiday Classic that we should have had this weekend.

Let's recruit!  It would be awesome to bring on three more 8U players.

If your athlete has a friend - consider asking them out to a practice.  We can let them try a practice out and see if they like it and hopefully we'll gain another teammate in the process

As always, reach out if you need anything, email, text, phone call, talk after practice

Coach Doug


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No practice tonight - see you all on Jan 5th
by posted 12/29/2020

Boys 8U parents - 

Quick reminder that we do NOT have practice tonight or on New Year's Eve night.  We couldn't get a practice field for tonight as there is a soccer clinic going on.

We will restart practices on January 5th, 545-7pm, same field.

Please get your kiddos out with a stick in their hand.  Sometimes just the basics of flipping a ball up in the air and catching it is all they need to get the feel for their stick and how to handle it.  They can even play some tricks with it by trying to catch the ball on the sidewall or flipping the stick around the ball.  Fun stuff to be had on youtube....(better than Ryan's Toy Show).  Below is a pretty advanced setup but it might make your child's youtube playlist a little more lacrosse oriented to check out more.




Love to see them show me what they did over this next week!

Coach Doug


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