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It's the Final Countdown
by posted 04/22/2021

The Final Countdown! Championship Game Day

CONGRATULATIONS to our girls for a clean sweep of the weekend of games!  It’s all coming together! Looking forward to our last game this weekend! 
Our games this Saturday have moved up 20 minutes earlier to avoid the heat of the day. Our first game will be at 08:30am (vs Heat Orange) and 10:30 am (vs ? ). Both games will be on field 2 at Mesquite High School in Gilbert. Please make sure your daughter is at the field at 07:30 am for warm ups! 
We do have the possibility to have a third game as it’s a playoff. 
Below is the bracket….
Field 3
Field 2
Full Field
Full Field
#3 Vortex VS #6 Cave Creek
#4 Heat Orange VS #5 Oro Valley
#2 Tukee VS Other Seed winner
#1 Heat Black VS Lowest Seed winner
Loser of #3 V #6 V Loser #4 V #5
Sportsmanship is back! We are going to add “handshakes” back into sports ritual.  FOR GIRLS LAX, that means tapping each others bottoms of their stick in a line.  No actual handshakes.


Holly Cillitto and Melinda Bird are doing the scorekeeping/spotter!


Dani and Billy Thompsen will be providing snacks!
Game Day Checklist:
  • Water bottle, possibly a second one! It's suppose to be pretty warm this weekend! 
  • Mouth guard
  • Stick
  • Cleats
  • Uniform jersey and shorts
  • Sunscreen 
Please email myself or Doug of you are UNABLE to make the games this weekend or you can also use the Sports Sign Up app as well to RSVP for the practice and game. 
Friday practice will end between 6:15-6:30pm.
Please let me know if you have any questions!  Safe travels!


Dominique Batchelor

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by posted 04/13/2021

Hi Guys, 


Just giving everyone a heads up that we may have some time changes for this Saturday’s games. We will be playing at Mesquite High School. WE have a strong possibility that our games will be moved up an hour, therefore, our games could be at 0930am and 1020am. I  will keep you guys posted  as Coach Doug keeps me updated!


We only have two weeks left of lacrosse and max partiipication for practice is greatly appreciated! There have been some drop off of practices and games and we understand other commitments but hope to finish strong this season! 


Would love some feedback from parents for an end of the season party! 


Alison Sullivan and Dani Thompsen doing the scorekeeping/spotter!


Ron Wood and Alison Sullivan are providing snacks!


I  still need two people to be the score keeper/spotter for our last game on Saturday, April 24. 



Scorekeeper and Spotter




I  also have included a couple team picture that were provided by Holly! 


Thanks again everyone for pulling together to end this season strong!



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Team Picture
by posted 04/13/2021

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Friday Practice at Riverfront Park
by posted 04/08/2021

Small change in venue for practice on Friday night. There is going to be a soccer tournament at Naranja Park. 


Therefore, practice will be held at Riverfront Park.  


The address is 551 W Lambert Ln

Oro Valley, AZ. 

We will be practicing on the upper field! 

Please let me know if you have any questions!



Dominique Batchelor




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Schedule up for the rest of the year
by posted 04/01/2021

Warrior Parents - 

Please have your daugther bring her blue/white jersey to Friday's practice.

We will be doing a larger drill that will require everyone to know what team they are on.

No games this weekend - have a good one.

We will be at Mesquite HS for the rest of the season and I've put in the games so we can plan.

More later

Coach Doug


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Sign Up Links
by posted 03/28/2021






Scorekeeper and Spotter



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Saturday Game Day @ Naranja Park
by posted 03/26/2021

Happy Friday!


We are lucky to have a home game this Saturday. Please have your player on the field and ready for warm up by 08:30 am. We are playing Desert Heat at 09:30 am. The next  game is at 12:00pm and we play Ahwatukee. 

Both games are on Feld 1 (SW field next to sun shaded parking). 


If you are helping to set up, please arrive at 08:15 am. We are still in need of parents to help tear down after the tournament! 




Please email me or Doug of you are UNABLE to make the game or you can also use the Sports Sign Up app as well to RSVP for any practices and games.


Naranja Park does allow dogs as long as they are on a leash and not on the field!


Snacks will be provided by LeaAnn Bankhead and myself. 

Score keeping will be Mandy Gracie and I will help be the Spotter! 


Game Day Checklist:

  • Water bottle
  • Mouth guard
  • Stick
  • Cleats
  • Uniform jersey and shorts
  • Sunscreen 


The following weekend we are off as it’s Easter! 


Please let me know if you have any questions! 



Dominique Batchelor



PS- Picture retake (individual only) is on Monday, March 29 at 5:30pm.

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Video link & Coaches Talk
by posted 03/24/2021

Warrior Parents - 

Sorry for all the emails (is it just me) but I wanted to reach out to you personally about how the season is going for our 14U.

Veo Video Link

Below is a link to set up a player account on our new video system, Veo.  We will put all the games we can tape for players to view (and parents, grandparents, etc).

As a coach, I think it's uber important to have players see how they played.  I will be able to create highlights on their specifically, and if you sign up for an account, I can tag that player.  Lots of power in seeing what you do on the field, from the camera.



Mid season coaches talk

I am thoroughly impressed by our small team.  The players have banded together well and really know each other and how they play.  We have several players (both new and experienced) making some major contributions to the team.  The coaches are noticing and we really appreciate it all.

This last weekend's games showed that.  We came up with a win and a close game.  While I don't emphasize our win/loss record, it sure does feel good to get one for the team.  I truly believe if the girls can be at  every practice and games, there really can be an exponential learning curve in the game and in life.

Please continue to support your player!  In doing so - PLEASE, everyone sign up to help us out.  We need scorer's at each game to support the girls progress.  We really need help at 815am and 230pm to HOST our weekend down here.  Please show up and sign up for these things from our team manager - Dominique.



Coach Doug



PS You can ALWAYS reach out to me with any questions or concerns you may have

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Help Needed for Saturday
by posted 03/23/2021

Good Evening-


This coming Saturday, we will need scorekeepers and help setting up and tearing down in preparation for the Tournament. This means we are going to need 3-4 families to help! 


Setup and Teardown are particularly important. The coaches would like to be with the team before and after games!


For set up, please arrive at Naranja Park at 08:15am.  Goals will need to be set up, pylons out, sideline set up and table and chairs setup. This should just take 30 minutes if we have 3-4 families helping.   


For tear down, be back around 2:30pm. This time is fluid as we may be done before 2:30pm. As the date gets closer, Coach Doug will be able to tell us a more concrete timeframe! 



Please go to the signup genius and sign up! We want to make sure we have everything covered.



I will send out another email later this week to go over times and reminders!I am more than happy to be the spotter for both games and help train some new peeps on how to score keep! Have a great evening!




Dominique Batchelor

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by posted 03/16/2021

Good Evening, 


Hope everyone has been enjoying their spring-break so far! 


Wednesday and Friday Practices


We will resume practices tomorrow and have practice on Friday night as well! 



Saturday Game Day


Looks like we will be moving venues this Saturday for our game. The games will be at Mesquite High School in Gilbert. Our games are scheduled for 09:40 am (Field 3) and 10:30 am (Field 3). Please email me or Doug back if you are NOT able to attend the game. You can also use the Sports Sign Up app as well to RSVP for any practices and games. 


I  have Nikki Trombetta signed up for snacks and myself doing the score keeping!


 Picture Retakes


Picture Retakes will be on Monday, March 29th at 5:30 pm.  The photographer hopes to have the pictures to us by Friday! 


Also, Does anyone have a High School jersey #00???


Please let us  know if you have any questions!




Dominique Batchelor


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Need Plans on Friday Night?!
by posted 03/11/2021



Come support the

Oro Valley High School Girls

at Naranja Park on

Friday at 7pm versus Pinnacle! 


Go Wolverines! 

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Score Keepers Needed and Spring Break Schedule
by posted 03/11/2021

Dear Parents,


We are in need of 2 parents each game who would be interested in scorekeeping and spotting. 


If you're anything like me, you're thinking "I can't be a score keeper.  I don't know anything about lacrosse." My daughter has only played for one season and the only thing I know is that the goal is to get the ball in the net. Coach Doug has reassured me that the refs will be more than happy to help us and the coaches are right there with you helping you for the first time recording events! 


I'd encourage you to take a look at the training slides, see the minimal commitment, and volunteer to keep score.  An added bonus is you get the best seats available for the game. 


Score Keeper Training:



Below is the link to sign up


http://<a href="https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0449ADA92EA6FD0-score" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.signupgenius.com/images/sign-up-now1.gif" width="150" height="90" border="0" alt="Sign Up!"></a>



Practices During Spring Break 


Amphi Spring Break starts Friday at 3 pm and therefore we have decided no practices on Friday, Saturday, and Monday. :) Practices will resume on Wednesday, March 17th! 


March 20th Game


 Please RSVP on the website, SIPlay app, or email back direct on whether your athlete will be in attendance.



Please let Doug or myself know if you have any questions!


Dominique Batchelor





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Snack Sign Up!
by posted 03/10/2021


I created a snack sign up sheet for our 14U Girls on Sign Up Genius! Please let me know if your daughter has an allergy so I can update the page!  

PS- I'm a newbie to the Sign Up Genius! 



Dominique Batchelor


http://<a href="https://www.signupgenius.com/go/10C0449ADA92EA6FD0-team" target="_blank"><img src="https://www.signupgenius.com/images/sign-up-now1.gif" width="150" height="90" border="0" alt="Sign Up!"></a>



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Players needed, Season Schedule
by posted 02/08/2021

OV Warrior Girls Parents - 

Long time, no update...sorry, but, lots of good info in this one.  This will be on the team news page on the website as well.

  • In need of a few more players at both levels

  • Season Schedule

  • Mouthguards, getting ready for first games

We've got 12 registered on our 14U team and that's great (as we play with 12 in games), but that will be very tiring for everyone.  Good news is we have some very strong 11U players, 3 of them, that I think will be great to fill in for a 14U this year.  I'd like to ask for some parent help in advertising for OVLC to see if there are some more that would like to join the teams this year.

  • Adding three 14U players would certainly help out this season with schedules, etc.  It's definitely not too late!
  • Adding seven (tall order I know) 11U players would allow our 11U to field a full OV team at this level (8 play on the field at this level) Come have your friends try it out!

OVLC offers a potential player to try us out for a practice or two before they register.  Team friends are sooo much fun and needed in our lives.  Please reach out to friends and parents that might be interested in playing!

Season Schedule (about 90%)

From the weekends below, we will play two games at the respective field. The games are generally in the morning and not before 9am.   Currently, we will ask our 11U to help out the 14U play together.  If you know there is a conflict, please reply back as soon as you can.  We get it that there might be some and the earlier we can work things out with the league the better.

Why only one weekend in Tucson, Coach?  I'm sorry that it worked out this way, but we are only one club and the furthest away from the others.  For most of the weekends, they are in south Phoenix, which does save significant time.

  • February 27th: Mesquite HS (Gilbert, AZ) - Rodeo Weekend
  • March 6th:  Wil Nolan Park (Ahwatukee, AZ)
  • March 13th: OFF - Spring Break 1st weekend
  • March 20th: Wil Nolan Park (Ahwatukee, AZ) - 2nd weekend of Spring Break
  • March 27th:  NARANJA PARK...yeah!
  • April 3rd: OFF - Easter weekend
  • April 10th: Mohave MS (Scottsdale, AZ)
  • April 17th: Mesquite HS (Gilbert, AZ)
  • April 24th: Mesquite HS (Gilbert, AZ)

There are a couple ways to get this info on your phone, if you would like.  1st is to download the SIPlay app and log in with your credentials that you use for the website.  This is highly recommended as it not only has the schedule, but rosters, contact info, and messaging.  It's a bit buggy though.  2nd is to go to the website and subscribe to a "feed" for your personal calendar. There is a general event for each of the weekends above as the schedule hasn't come out.  Both will have pretty instant feedback on changes or games scheduled for the weekend.

Mouthguards and other things we need to get ready for the first games

We need to start practicing with mouthguards.  They are a required item for games.  With that, if your athlete could also have their uniform top for each practice, that would be helpful in splitting up during practices.

I have ordered the kilts that we are missing for those that don't have them.  I am hoping that they come in by the first game, but in case they don't, feel free to wear a dark colored short.

Lets turn it up during practices as we are 19 days away from the first weekend!

Coach Doug



PS The weekend of February 27th is scheduled to have an ASU Women's Lacrosse Game played at home.  The time is TBD.  My family is looking into a staycation that weekend in Phoenix to not only go to that, but also to a spring baseball game, conditions permitting.


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