Oro Valley Lacrosse Club offers Kindergarten through High School opportunities to play an exciting sport for both boys and girls. Together with other Tucson Lacrosse clubs, your young athlete will thoroughly enjoy youth lacrosse with the emphasis on spor

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Oct 19th email
by posted 10/19/2020

OV Fall Ball Girls Team - 

Wanted to give you an update for this week, to make sure we are all on the same page.  Lots of stuff going on and we need positive and negative replies to tournaments.

  • Marana Pumpkin Patch Volunteering (we need more girls to help)
  • How to make sure you are on the tournament teams for the fall
  • Chipotle, THIS WEDNESDAY
  • Using "Band" smart phone app to communicate with coaches

Our practice schedule this week is Friday (530-7pm - Field 1) and Saturday (10-12pm - Field 2)

No Tuesday practice due to overseeding of our regular field

Please volunteer to help out at the Marana Pumpkin Patch, the next couple weekends until Halloween

When we volunteer, our club gets a donation to help out with High School's goal of $9000.  It's that simple!

We need volunteers for:

  • Saturdays - Oct 24th and 31st - 5 hour shift - either 9-2pm or 2-7pm
  • Sunday - Oct 25th - 5 hour shift - either 9-2pm or 2-7pm

Boys participating this first weekend and it was a hoot!  Little bit of manual labor, lots of helping everyone out.

For details, please email me back and I will get you in touch with Brenda Harris.  Sign up now!

When you signed up for fall ball, there was a check box to indicate your interest in attending tournaments.

Most of you indicated that you are in for the tournaments, both of them.  SO, hit reply and let me know that is true, YOU ARE ATTENDING.

  • Nov 7-8 - Gilbert, AZ - SW Classic
  • Nov 21-22 - Maricopa, AZ - AZ Showdown
  • Dec 12-13 - Tempe, AZ - Lax for Life

If we get full teams (16-20 girls for both a 14U team and a HS team - 2 teams), then I expect the additional cost to be $50-30 for the SW Classic and $75-50 for the AZ Showdown.

Chipotle, THIS WEDESDAY 5-9pm, one on Oracle south of 1st Ave.  Pre-order through the app and use promo code QNQYVV7.

Band smart phone app for coaches to communicate to players

In our Girls HS team, the coaches and players use an app called "Band" that helps us organize our lives and get text message like communication about the team.

For the fall ball, I would like every player to join this "fall ball" band so that you can:

  • Communicate with the team
  • Get posts of pictures and see what's going on with the team
  • See a calendar, where you know when and where next practice is
  • RSVP for the tournaments

Please consider letting your athlete get the band app and get on the "fall ball" band



If they would like to download the app and get an account, I can share a QR code for them to instantly get on at next practice.


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Combined HS Email
by posted 10/19/2020

OVLC ALL HS players and parents - 

I thought I would do my first combined email to all our HS players signed up for fall ball.  There is probably some things both teams need to know about each other and MORE IMPORTANTLY, work to a common goal.

First Things - First PRACTICE

  • This Friday (10/16) BOTH teams are practicing
    • Girls HS starts at 530pm - 7pm
    • Boys HS starts at 630pm - 8pm
  • This Saturday (10/17) BOTH teams are practicing
    • BOTH at 10am - 12pm on Field 2 (SE field)

Coach, why no Tuesdays between 10/19 - 10/30

  • OV Parks is actually overseeding field 3/4 between these times and there has been a larger demand for OV fields during this time
    • Combine this with the late start for fall sports....huge mess
    • Just on Field 1 (Friday) and 2 (Saturday)


  • We want every stinking person you can think of to eat at Chipotle (First Ave & Oracle) on Wednesday, October 21st, between 5-9pm
    • You can ORDER ONLINE (through their app) and still give back to OVLC High School
      • Use code QNQYVV7 in the 'promo' field when you checkout
    • I REPEAT - do the order online thing and skip the lines, or just tell the checkout person - "I'm with Oro Valley Lacrosse"
    • We get 1/3 of the money on the order - so order the guac with extra meat in that burrito please

Coach - heard we are going to tournaments this fall - what's up?

So - there have been a ton of tournaments re-locating to our backyard and we don't want to miss any of the excitement, BUT we have to get you guys to commit.  Fall Ball fees go to coaching and practices - not these tournaments


3 tournaments - all in Arizona - all needing you to commit

  • Nov 7-8 - Gilbert, AZ - SW Classic
  • Nov 21-22 - Maricopa, AZ - Arizona Showdown - NATIONAL TOURNAMENT
  • Dec 11-13 - Tempe, AZ - Lax for Life - INCLUDED IN BEING A FALL BALL MEMBER


2 tournaments - all in Arizona - all needing you to commit

  • Dec 11-13 - Tempe, AZ - Lax for Life - INCLUDED IN BEING A FALL BALL MEMBER

We estimate the fees to be under $100 for the national ones and $50-75 for the SW Classic.  ALSO, we are working to bring some competition down to sunny OV for our Oro Valley Holiday Classic on January 9th, 2021.  Stay tuned


  • we are paying up front to go and need to fund them correctly
  • 100% of the fees are going to tournament entry fees - ZERO dollars go back to the club - we just want players to play

Hope you read this far - cause....

DYK?  The Oro Valley Lacrosse Club, a non-profit 501c3 organization asked to have a HS player from each team to be on our board this year?

DYK?  Those players asked the club to support a $9000 donation goal for the fall to support HS players in getting 1)Warm up Jackets, customized with name and number 2)Helmet Wraps for the Boys team and Girls HS goalies and 3)Advanced purchase of an away jersey for the boys and funding for shooter shirts?

DYK?  We have already turned business sponsorships to meet almost a third of that goal?  What can your business provide?

It doesn't stop there....

  • Marana Pumpkin Patch offered to donate funds if players volunteered to help them out during their season of offering a Pumpkin Patch....see Coach Jay Wilson
  • We need to keep Chipotle busy on Wednesday, Oct 21st
  • There will potentially be a Chik-Fil-A event for us, very soon
  • We're considering working out a drive in movie night in December - got to go

It's not over yet....

  • We've got commits from 3 new coaches to help us out at BHS
    • A JV head coach has been nominated
  • We've got commits from a new coach for Girls 14U
    • The University of Arizona Girls Lacrosse Club will come out to practices on Friday nights to help out our girls

And okay - it's late, almost done

I've been VERY excited to showcase our Girls HS program to the OVLC and I think this year might be the year to really put us on the map for a united group of WOLVERINES....

  • We are currently working out plans to host a fundraising GIRLS versus BOYS HS game this December!!!!
    • The Girls are ready to show that finesse beats all any day of the week....challenge is out....boys - what you got

It's time we all scream WOLVERINES and enjoy that our athletes are doing the thing they love - playing lacrosse

If you can help out in ANY way - our volunteer club runs on people like you - find me - we need volunteers for things....it's a member requirement

Coach Doug

OVLC Vice-President

Girls Coach and Dad (3 kids in the program)


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