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27 March Update
by posted 03/27/2020


I know I owe you an update so here goes.  I'm passing you as much information as I know.  I'm sure we've all been keeping up with the news so as it stands, our season is on pause until further notice.  I promise the club and I will pass you any information as soon as we have it.  I hope the next update is better news and I hope everyone stays healthy!!

Coach Frank

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19 March Update
by posted 03/19/2020


By now you should have seen the message from the board suspending all league activities until th 27th of March.  I know this is a blow to us all but I know you know that it's in the best interest of the athletes that we do this.  I hope everyone is still practicing LAX skill sets.  I have Chance on our rebounder daily working on ball handling.  I want you all to know that the coaching staff is itching to get back after it but we want to do what's prudent in these unique times.  That being said, here's a gameplan in the event we can get back to LAX after the 27th.

If play resumes:

I'll be recommending that our scheduled games for the 28th turn into a team practice.  We haven't been around each other in a bit and I want us to get back to some basics.  I don't think jumping into a game 2-3 weeks since our last LAX event would be prudent.  That would still give us another week of practice finishing with our final games the weekend of the 4th.


Obviously the above gameplan is just a contingency for now.  As we learn more about COVID and how it's effecting our community that gameplan will more than likely change.  I promise we will adapt to the best of our abilities.  For now I want to say thank you to all you families for being patient and understanding during these trying times.  I'll keep you updated the best I can.

Coach Frank

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Spring Break/COVID-19
by posted 03/15/2020


I promised to pass information as soon as I got it and here is the latest.

1) All events for Spring Break have been cancelled.  This includes the practices we had scheduled for Tuesday and Thursday.

2) Our Scottsdale games on the 21st have been cancelled.

3) Although our official practices have been cancelled, I plan on being at the Lacrosse fields from 5:30-6:30 on Tuesday and Thursday evening to pass the ball around with Chance.  Anybody interested in playing a little pitch and catch, feel free to join us.  This isn't a sanctioned practice so expect it to be pretty light and fun.  Passing, dodging, shooting.  I don't plan on working Chance too hard just maintaining so basic Lacrosse skills.

4) Moving forward with COVID-19 is going to be challenging as information is constantly changing and what we can and can't do is as well.  I promise to keep everyone as informed as possible.  All I ask is that if your athlete is sick or anyone in your family is sick, please stay at home for the time being until all symptoms have subsided. 

5) As always, a reminder for all of us to practice good hygene.  We will focus on washing hands, minimizing contact between players, and not allowing players to share water bottles. 

If anyone has any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Coach Frank

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