Oro Valley Lacrosse Club offers Kindergarten through High School opportunities to play an exciting sport for both boys and girls. Together with other Tucson Lacrosse clubs, your young athlete will thoroughly enjoy youth lacrosse with the emphasis on spor

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Change Team: 
Address for Anthem
by posted 01/27/2020

Sorry Guys...with all that info I didn't put in the address.  Still learning!

Anthem Community Park

41703 N Gavilan Peak Pkway

Anthem, AZ 85086

It is approx a 2hr 15min drive..longest of the season!  

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This Saturday and beyond...Are You Ready?
by posted 01/27/2020

10U Families,

The boys have worked hard and were looking good.  Inter-league games start Saturday.    Lots of info below but it will slow after the season gets going.  

Game Day, This Saturday:  

All game days include 2 games so lots of opportunity to play.  This weekend, we are confirmed in Anthem with game start times at 9am and 11am.  Arrival time is 8am and we will all meet at the OVLC flag and tent.  We do realize it is a long drive and early start... please know this will be our farthest drive of the season and we are needing to reciprocate their team drives to the south.  We recongize and appreicate the stretch.  


There are some essential items each player needs and will not be allow to play without.  

  • mouth guard (only have a handful of backups and hoping we receive more)
  • cup
  • water
  • pads/uniform


Thank you to the parents who have already signed up to bring snacks and drinks.  If you have not yet done so, please take a few to sign up.  We still need drinks for this weekend!  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20f0b45aaae2aa1ff2-game   

Picture Day:  

Packets have arrived and we have not connects with a few of you.  If this is you, please make a point to find Sara or myself so we can get the order forms to you.  Picture Day is Tuesday, Feb 11 at 5pm (prior to practice)


Still looking for them..really needing them for Rodeo and Spring Break.  Todd is needing to communicate to the league ASAP if we need to cancel due to attendance or lack of critical role.  Asking that you indicate via the app/website or email by this weekend so we can report these weekend numbers to Todd.  

SSU Play App:

Some great things and some glitchy things....but Sara and I do like to use it and find it easy for communication.  As we update the OVLC website, the info is fed to the app.  While not essential, we do recommend it.  The group message function is especially helpful on game days.  

Fun Raiser:  Mister Clean Car Wash...It's a competition

We have 50 Mister Clean Car Wash vouchers for $15 each.  $ for $ value except the club get 50% cash back when we turn in  your money.   Good at any Mister Clean Car Wash and never expire.  Sara and I have the cards and can swap for cash or check.  You can also buy them at https://oro-valley-lacrosse-club.square.site/ but you need to let us know as we cannot automatically see your purchase.  First of the OVLC groups to sell out will get an Eegees party.  We can do this!

USL Team Player Book For Refs:

Still needing pictures for Rhys, Jackson and Lincoln.  We will try to catch your kid this Tuesday but feel free to approach us so we can complete the book by Thursday night.  We do need this complete by Saturday.


Whew....that's a lot of stuff.  Thanks for being great OVLC parents.  

Erin and Sara

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by posted 01/23/2020

Hi 10U Team Parents,

Practice on Saturday is important, it is our last Saturday practice before all the games start and I believe the coaches were hoping to have a full scrimmage game for the boys on this day to get some good game practice in.

Photos of each player and Team Player Books

We need to have a player book for the coach to have in case refs need to verify USL. I, or Erin, will be taking photos of your boys on Saturday and again on Tuesday for those we missed on Saturday.  From here, we will be able to create a full roster with photos and USL numbers in case refs and games need to verify.  So, in case you see us taking a picture of your son, this is why. 

Concussion baseline testing by Athlon

A letter from Robert Klingman:

Hello Oro Valley Lacrosse Families, Due to improved availability of staffing for Athlon Physical Therapy, complimentary baseline concussion testing will be carried out Tue January 28th, Wednesday January 29th, and Thursday January 30th, 6-8 pm, at Naranja Park.  Testing involves a 3-5 minute, valid and reliable measure of baseline neurocognitive function (King-Devick Test), which will be carried out with each athlete individually. The test, which is timed, and involves visual tracking of numbers and reporting those numbers in their correct sequence, will be saved and compared to future incidents, in the event they are needed. There will be an Athlon Physical Therapy Tent with tables and Athlon physical therapists available during the dates and times above to collect the data and then maintain for future comparison testing, as well as share with each coach. If an athlete, or their family, would like to have the results shared with them, that is fine to do so, and will be provided upon request. 

If there are any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me. Thank you for this opportunity to assist in keeping our athletes safe. 

 Thank you, 
Robert Klingman
Oro Valley Lacrosse Board Member/OV LAX H.S. Strength & Conditioning Coach

Snacks – don’t forget to sign up to help bring snacks to a future game!
Now that we have our schedule, we are releasing a "sign up genius" for all families to sign up for snack/drink contribution.  Erin and I will bring fruit but are asking each of you to contribute either drinks or nut free snacks for one game (18 kids).  

Sign up link is: https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0B45AAAE2AA1FF2-game

Mouth Guards: if you have not already, please leave an extra mouth guard for your son, in a marked plastic baggie, with me or Erin at an upcoming practice.  We will hold onto these and bring them to the games just in case one is forgotten.

Team Photos: On Tuesday we began to hand out Team Photo order packets.  If you did not get one, please see me or Erin on Saturday or next week.  Team photos will be on Tuesday, February 11th at 5:00pm before practice.  There will be a makeup day on the 12th at 5:00 pm in case you can’t make it on the Tuesday.


1) The league is looking for some volunteers to help with an idea for a Cornhole tournament. If anyone would be interested in this please let I or Erin know and we’ll put you in touch with Kathy Kang, the Board President. We already have a place, just need someone to organize and advertise it.

2) Youth teams fundraiser—Mister Car Wash cards

We have Mister Car Wash cards that do not expire, are good at any Mister Car Wash location, and it is the same price as getting a car wash there. The difference is that when OV LAX sells the cards, Mister Car Wash gives the club 50% back. Full Car Wash cards are $15 a piece.  We will be getting some of these and if you are interested in selling them, please let us know. 

Thanks!  See you Saturday!

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Tentative Location Schedule and Snack Sign up
by posted 01/20/2020

10U Families,

Hope you each enjoyed some extra family time this weekend.  

Our locations for this season's game days have been released.  Please know that this is our tentative plan but details such as exact times and locations will be released closer to each game day.  We will communicate this info as it comes in.   

Season Schedule is listed as below:   

1/25-Naranja Park 9am practice-Other OVLC teams will be traveling to Phx but Todd was hesitant for 10u to travel to Phx 2 weekends in a row so scheduled us to practice in OV instead.  If you are looking for more lacrosse fun, the high school team will have scrimmages at Riverfront Park on Lambert at 12pm and 2pm.  All support is welcome.  

Starting 2/1 interleague games begin so Saturday attendance is very important. Please RSVP via the app or communicate intentions for attendance.  

2/1-Anthem AZ

2/8-Rillito Park, Tucson AZ

2/15-Rillito Park, Tucson AZ

2/22-Maricopa AZ (Rodeo weekend so especially important you either RSVP via the app or notify Sara/myself)

2/29-Scottsdale AZ

3/7-Rillito Park, Tucson AZ

3/21-Scottsdale AZ (Spring Break, again especially important you RSVP via the app or notify Sara/myself)

3/28-Rillito Park, Tucson AZ

4/4-Championship Tournament, Scottsdale AZ

Snacks:  Now that we have our schedule, we are releasing a "sign up genius" for all family to sign up for snack/drink contribution.  Sara and I will bring fruit but are asking each of you to contribute either drinks or nut free snacks for one game (18 kids).  

Sign up link is https://www.signupgenius.com/go/20F0B45AAAE2AA1FF2-game

See you soon!

Erin and Sara

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Practice Cancelled Tonight - Rescheduled for Tomorrow
by posted 01/16/2020

Hi 10U Parents,

Practice has been cancelled tonight due to rain.  The coaches would like to reschedule for tomorrow, Friday the 17th, from 5:30 - 7:00.

See you tomorrow!

Sara & Erin

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Practice Cancelled Tonight - Rescheduled for Tomorrow
by posted 01/16/2020

Hi 10U Parents,

Practice has been cancelled tonight due to rain.  The coaches would like to reschedule for tomorrow, Friday the 17th, from 5:30 - 7:00.

See you tomorrow!

Sara & Erin

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10U Update for the coming week
by posted 01/04/2020

Hello 10U Parents:

Thanks to all who joined the Faceoff/Draw lunch today.  It was a beautiful day out for enjoying lunch together!  There is quite a bit of information, and some contact details, below.  

Practices this week: Tuesday Jan 8, 5:30pm and Thursday Jan 10, 5:30pm.

Game this Saturday at the Oro Valley Holiday Classic Tournament: 1:00 pm at Naranja Park.  Please be to the field at 12:00pm so the boys can warm up. We do not yet know what field the game will be on, but stay tuned.  We should know this by Thursday evening practice.  If not, then an email will go out prior to Saturday noting where the team will meet up for the pre-game warmup.

Mouth Guards:  Please bring an extra mouth guard for your son in a plastic baggie marked with his name to either Erin or Sara at an upcoming Tuesday or Saturday practice (we are not always at the Thursday practices) or to the game on Saturday.  Mouth guards (and cups) seem to be the most forgotten items so we will keep the extra mouth guards together and bring them to each game as backup.

Cups: Please remember to have your son wear a cup to each game.  He will not be allowed to play without one.  Wearing them to practices is highly encouraged, too.  Not only for protection, but also to get used to wearing a cup while playing.  We will NOT have extra cups on hand.

Snacks: We will be organizing a snack schedule for the regular game season.  Snacks should be simple:  Fruit/orange slices for half time, and a simple snack and drink for after the game.  For some days we may have two games back to back where we can share snack duties.  We can split the duties for food snacks and drinks for each game.  We’ll send out a SignUp Genius once we get our game schedule in place.

Please Sign Up to help with the Oro Valley Holiday Classic Tournament:  We can use your help to make our annual Holiday Tournament on January 11 at Naranja Park a success! SignUp Genius Link  https://www.signupgenius.com/go/30e0a4eaeac2ba13-orovalley1

Uniforms: These are supposed to be arriving this week.  If they don’t get here before Saturday’s game, the group has some backup jerseys that the boys can wear for this Saturday’s game.

Powell team order for bags and shooter shirts: We are still having a delay with our Powell team order as well as the lacrosse bags. We hope to have them soon.  We are waiting for further communication from the Board on this.

Sports SignupPlay App: We’ve had mixed reviews on this app and how well it has been working lately.  If you have downloaded it, then you should be able to link into the team page with your normal credentials you would use to log into the Oro Valley Lacrosse web page.  Per Doug, this app has been spotty at best lately.  In the past it was a great way to keep track of attendance for games and practices but it may not be as reliable now.  You can use it to mark your attendance, but if you know you will not be at a game, please let Erin, Sara or a coach know.  The coaches need to know who will be to the games in order to plan play time for each player. 

You can always send Sara or Erin a text as well:

Sara Pike: 520-405-4393

Erin Paulow: 520-449-3510

Thanks!  And if there is any other information you are needing, please let us know.

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