Oro Valley Lacrosse Club offers Kindergarten through High School opportunities to play an exciting sport for both boys and girls. Together with other Tucson Lacrosse clubs, your young athlete will thoroughly enjoy youth lacrosse with the emphasis on spor

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Saturday Practice - 11/30
by posted 11/29/2019


Due to the good rainstorm last night, we've decided it's best to cancel Friday night practices for Boys 12 & 14U.

Coaches want to practice on Saturday, November 30th.  We'll keep you posted on email, website, and social media on the status of Saturday practices.

Currently, Saturday practices are still ON!

Enjoy you Friday of watching sports, shopping, and picking up a stick and getting some reps in!

Happy Holidays!

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Happy T-Day - RSVP for L4L
by posted 11/27/2019

Happy Thanksgiving Girls OVLC Parents & Players!

Let's give thanks to being able to be with family, friends, and food tomorrow then....

Please RSVP on the website, smart phone app, or reply to this email to let me know you will be playing in the Lax-4-Life tournament!


Tempe Sports Complex

December 13th (Girls HS ONLY)

December 14th (Girls 14U and HS)

See you at practice on Saturday!

Coach Doug


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Fields still too wet - 11/21 Practice Cancelled
by posted 11/21/2019


Oro Valley Parks & Rec determine if the fields are open and closed.  The best way to get an idea of practices are affected is to check out their facebook page, but please expect an official communication from OVLC for cancelled practices.

Practices for Thursday, November 21, 2019 are cancelled due to OV Parks closure.

We know you're itching to get your lax fix.  Check out our online swag store for gifts that will be delivered before Christmas.


We hope to see all teams on the field on Friday or Saturday!

Go Oro Valley Lacrosse!

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L4L Pre-lim / mid-fall season update
by posted 11/18/2019

OVLC Parents of Girls 14U,

CONGRATULATIONS!  We made it through our first tournament and hitting our goals of 1) Having Fun & 2)Going to Tournaments to play "the fastest game on two feet"!

I really want to thank the parents for helping make your daughter's success this weekend.  I think we all had tons of fun, had an EXPONENTIAL learning curve, and ready to tackle working on the finer points of using our new found powers to rock the rest of the season.

Our NEXT (& final fall season tournament) will be ONLY on Saturday, December 14th @ Tempe Sports Complex.  This will conclude fall ball season.

Just talked to the organizer for the girls side of L4L and he is working to schedule the girls youth on just Saturday for 2-3 games.  We are most likely going to play some different teams in this one and they are "recreational" like us.

Couple bullets that we'll expand on in the coming weeks

  • Next Practice (the last Wednesday practice) will be this Wednesday, 530pm, Naranja Park.  We'll step back a second from the team play and concentrate on the fundamentals of lacrosse, while incorporating some of the things we saw in tournament play this last weekend.
  • We will practice this Saturday at Naranja.
  • It's getting COLDER, so please layer your athlete up so she can adjust to the temperatures.  Water is still really important.
  • No practice on Thanksgiving (duh?)
  • Please go in to December 14th and RSVP if your athlete will be at Lax-4-Life tournament


Finally, Spring Ball Registration (separate from fall ball) is on our website and eligible for an "early bird" discount until December 1st.  Please sign up your athlete for our spring season.

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Reminders - Mouthguard, equipment
by posted 11/15/2019


Can't wait to see you tomorrow morning, early....a couple reminders....

  • MOUTHGUARDS, molded, NOT clear.  Bring em!  If you're reading this at 9pm tonight, just come to the game if you don't have one....I've got black ones for sale, $5, supporting the coaches extra supply of mouthguard fund
  • EQUIPMENT:  Goggles, Cleats, Stick, WATER


I'll see you on the field at 8am, everything on and ready to go tomorrow

Mrs. Petersavage has arranged an all-to-important-after-games-on-Saturday LUNCH to socialize and make lifetime bonding friendship at BARRO'S PIZZA at Alma School and Warner.  1:15pm - 1:30pm show time.

Please consider meeting as a team to share a slice of pizza and enjoy the company of other parents and players.  OVLC prides itself in being a community and this can be the first time for some of you to attend.  Super chill, super fun.  Please plan to attend.

If you can, find Coach Stacy Burden or Mrs. Petersavage to potentially pre-order some pizza before we go so it will be that much more fun

Good Night & #GOWARRIORS

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Tournament Schedule & Details
by posted 11/12/2019

Oro Valley Girls Warriors!

We have the final tournament schedule (on the website) and I wanted to pass some details in one email/team posting.

We play at 9am & 11am on both Saturday and Sunday

We've got 4 games to play.  Please be at the field, cleats on, googles on, ready to go @ 8am Saturday

We can probably show up later on Sunday, but we'll let you know when we play on Saturday.

Please RSVP for each game, now that we know our schedule and it's on the website.

We know that some can make one day, but not the other and by using the RSVP function on the smart phone app or website, the coaches will have a list so we can make an accurate roster for each game.

We are playing on field 1 or 2 at Mesquite High School

Google Maps Link:  https://goo.gl/maps/2QvMS1vgpirMUogh6.  It's about an hour and 25 minutes to get there from Oro Valley, so please leave around 6am so you've got time to stop by for some breakfast, park, and be on the field, ready to go, at 8am on Satuday.

Some of the parents are staying at the Hampton Inn - Chandler Fashion Square Mall

This is optional and not set up by the tournament, league, or club.  If you are planning to stay at a hotel on Saturday night, feel free to join them so the girls can bond during their off time.


If you need help to arrange some carpooling, please let Coach Stacy Burden know.

There generally is a way to get your athlete to and from games.  We have some helpful parents

It would be nice to have a post Saturday game late lunch.  Please volunteer to lead this for us all.

Practices this week are Wednesday & Thursday, 530pm-7pm, Naranja Park

We'd love for everyone to be at these so we can make sure we hand out jerseys, position assignments, and work towards our second goal....PLAY IN TOURNAMENTS!

As always, questions, concerns, comments....email, text, call, talk to coaches, we are always available (except right before and during practice :)

Coach Doug Charters


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RSVP Tournaments & Wednesday Practices
by posted 11/01/2019

Girls Warrior Parents,

Just a friendly follow up to RSVP to me about our tournaments for the fall season.

For November 16&17th in Phoenix, we have enough players (18 registered - woo hoo) to play competitively on a full field and full roster (12), but I need to know if we have at least 16 players able to attend this tournament for both days.  If we do, that's great.  If not, we will still go, but only for one day (TBD).  I'm sorry this important thing has come up with just one practice under our belt, but I need to register for the tournament soon.


We have time for December, but please RSVP when you can.


Practices on Wednesday instead of Tuesday in November

Please bear with us as we have shifted our regular Tuesday practice schedule for the first three weeks in November to Wednesday.  The website will be updated shortly.

We had to do this because our normal field at Naranja Park is being used by another sports team on Tuesday nights (Nov 5th, 12th, and 19th) and there was no other alternative we could handle.  Field space is at a premium in Oro Valley and we have a very good relationship with the parks department.

Practices on November 5th, 12th, and 19th are now on November 6th, 13th, and 20th.  Same times.

We will pick our Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday schedule back up on November 26th.


Couple reminders for new players (& parents) on the team

  • Almost all of the email communication I or my team manager sends out gets posted on our "team news" page on the website.  The website is the best and most accurate location for schedule and communication.  I find that checking out the website (www.orovalleylacrosse.org, teams - find your team) is the best place to stay up to date
  • I really like the RSVP function of the website/smart phone app for games and tournaments.  All you do is click your athlete will attend and I can have a roster view of whether they will attend or not


Please feel free to find me or Coach Stacy Burden (our team manager) after practices if you have any question and feel free to email, call or text.


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2nd email on start of practice
by posted 10/29/2019

Oro Valley Warrior Girls Lax Players,


  • Practices

  • What to bring each time

  • Coaches

  • Goals/Tournaments/Conditioning

  • Sign up for the Spring Season

Our practices for the first week are a little crazy, we are sorry.  We will settle down in the month of November at Naranja Park, which is our home field.


First practice is Tuesday, October 29th, 530-7pm @ James D Kreigh Park


We will NOT have practice on Thursday (Halloween)


Second practice is Saturday, November 2nd, 10-1130am @ Naranja Park


Our normal FALL BALL practice schedule is on Wednesday, Thursday, and Saturday.


Our website will always have the correct time and place of each scheduled practice and game




Our club provides all equipment that a youth player will need to play lacrosse.  Equipment is loaned out to players, as they need it.


For first practice, bring:


    -A GREAT attitude


For this season, please have:

    -Molded Mouthguard

    -Plastic Molded Cleats

    -Lax Stick



    -and of course a GREAT attitude


$10 Lacrosse Cleats from boombah.com.  So the popular sports equipment company, Boombah has got some good cleats for a very awesome deal of just $10+shipping.  ANY molded cleat will be just fine.  I bought my daughter a pair and they are very well made.  If your daughter is dead-set on getting some “lacrosse cleats”, these are what you want.






We’ve benefited from some off-season recruiting of coaches.  Besides our current coaching staff of Coach Hannah, Stacie, and I, we are proud to announce some new coaches and guest coaches.


Coach Stacy & David - our team managers and awesome parents of Amani & Morgan will help us this year in some coaching as well


Coach Wanda - another amazing parent of Taylor will round out the parent coaching help for us


Coach Auburn - a true lacrosse leader on our Wolverine HS team, she will partner up with Hannah


Coach Kamryn - a graduating senior from the U of A, she helped guest coach our fall clinic and has amazing enthusiasm and lax know-how


We will also see other guest coaches this fall to help us specialize in certain lacrosse positions.  We are working out the final details with goalie coaches and draw/Middie coaches.  In the spring, we hope to continue our relationship with Coach Annie, Payson, Sara and Evelyn.


We have an upcoming USL-led coaches clinics on November 9th and we want to invite any parent to sign up for the clinic.  Having a great relationship with your player is very important to me and getting a little lax-know-how at this US Lacrosse lead event is one way.




Our fall season goal is to prepare our minds and bodies to have a great spring regular season!  In crushing our goal, we want to do two things we’ve never done before.  


1)Go to two tournaments in Phoenix

2)Run a conditioning program to be ready for the full field




First Tournament


Southwest Classic - Mesquite High School, Gilbert, AZ (approx 1+30 hours away)

November 16th & 17th



We will participate in the Middle School - Open Division, which is a different field format than what 14U is usually on.  It will involve just 8 players (instead of 12)


We need to know if your athlete will participate in this tournament.  Please let us know as soon as you can (first practice would be great)


Second Tournament


Lax-4-Life - Tempe Sports Complex, Tempe, AZ (approx 1+20 hours away)

December 14th



We will participate in the Middle School Division, which is dependent on number of teams that sign up on what format we play


It would be great to know if your athlete will participate in this tournament, but we have time...a little bit of time




We’ve benefited from our relationship with Coach Sara (a certified Strength & Conditioning Coach) and she created a great program for our girls this fall to help us address stick skills & conditioning.


In the effort to provide realistic conditioning, we will slowly introduce our girls to this program on days chosen by the coaches.


If there are concerns about your girls conditioning, please see Coach Doug



We program a separate fall season and spring season.  This benefits our program in allowing girls just starting out in lacrosse to enjoy the fall season, at an introductory rate.


For the spring, we offer a early bird discount through the 1st of December and the spring season goes from Jan 2nd to the end of April.  If you are already “hooked”, please sign up for the spring season.  This does two things for our program.


1)Girls that sign up for the spring season within the next couple weeks, we will be able to order their game jersey and shorts with the first batch of orders


2)We can accurately program for both teams, Girls 14U (6th through 8th grade) and Girls 11U (3rd through 5th grade) on coaches, fields, and game play through out the spring season


More details to help us all out.  I’m a big communicator!!!  I hope this gets us started this fall and feel free to reach out to me via phone or email if not.


Please respond with whether your athlete will be able to attend the Nov and Dec tournaments


Coach Doug

VP of Girls Operations

Cell 623-523-7849

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by posted 10/21/2019

Fall Ball Parents & Laxthletes,

THANKS FOR SIGNING UP!  Wanted to pass an initial email out to you to let you know we've successfully got your athlete rostered on our website and you can start to look for news on our team page.

FIRST PRACTICE IS TUESDAY, OCTOBER 29th, 530-7pm, and James Kreigh Park (Field 3).

We will be at JDK for the first week or two, as the parks department is overseeding fields and football is winding down, our regular fields are at Naranja Park.

I will send out another, longer (but good, I promise) email later this week on all the details that I know of our season, which lasts till Dec 14th

For first practice, all we ask the kids to have is a bottle of water and a great attitude (but that's a given right?)

I've found some quality "lacrosse" cleats at a rock bottom price from a company well-known for baseball and is getting out of the lacrosse business....still super quality, if you are looking for some.

Clearance Women's Ikhana Molded Lacrosse Cleat Mid



My daughter Kaylie got a pair and we can show you next week if you'd like

Coach Douglas Charters

Girls 14U Head Coach, VP of Girls Teams & 8U


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