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Change Team: 
by posted 03/08/2020

OVLC Parents,

This Tuesday's practice starts at 530pm - 7pm, to accomodate for the Girls HS game against Salpointe at 730pm.

I encourage the girls to stick around for the rivalry game this Tuesday night.  It's going to be fun!

Next games are on March 21st @ Scottsdale Sports Complex.  Please email me back or go on our website and RSVP for the games.

Finally, we've got practices scheduled normally over the next two weeks, please make sure coaches know what your plans are for spring break so we can have productive practices.  We get better at practice and would appreciate players to attend every practice they can make.


Coach Doug


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Saturday Games & Coach Update
by posted 03/04/2020

Warrior Parents - 

Please read the initial bullets & respond to this email now if your athlete is available for Saturday's gameplan and then please digest the words later at your convenience.

  • Games this Saturday are at Naranja Park.  830am showtime for most, 930am, 1015am games

  • We have an extra game versus Tucson Banditas YOUTH that I'd like our younger players to participate in, see below for show times (1215pm gametime)

  • Need help with setup, tear down, and SCORING (can you mark a tally, you have the training).  Respond to this email to volunteer

  • Girls HS has a 1230pm game at Naranja park.  Swag store and concessions open during the game

Gameplan for this Saturday

I would like our younger players to play in the 1215pm game as starters against girls their age in a shortened field game.  In order to do so, I would like to ask some other players to fill out the 8 person roster for the game to make it fun.  More game play, less intimidating, lots of fun.  I'd like the roster to be:

  1. Nicole Filotti
  2. Morgan Burden
  3. Lina Schoeberle
  4. Myla Elslager
  5. Brooke Walter
  6. Bella Christian
  7. Angela Michelle Morales Valdez
  8. Grace Berndt

Need to know if the players listed could make this 1215pm game.  Please reply by Thursday.  Due to the longer length of the day (if you showed up at 830am), I would be happy for those girls to show up later, if you would like, to accomodate playing the Tucson Banditas.

The Banditas youth does not have another game, other than this and this is the way to get those girls some playing time on Saturday.  Please consider it.

Volunteering - it is a club requirement

Youth sports, and this sports club, are put on by volunteers.  It takes a village.  Please volunteer! 

If you would like to help setup, please be at the park at 8am.  I need 4 volunteers.

If you would like to help tear down the day, please plan to stay after 1pm.  I need 4 volunteers.

This is our home game, and a lot of responsibility is on our team to make it enjoyable for all

If you would like to help score (there is zero qualification), please respond to this email.  


Scoring the game is important for everyone, but especially important for our middle school athletes.  It not only keeps order in the game, but girls like to know about their performance and the only way is to score the game.  A typical score table should have three people from our team at the table (please bring a chair).  1 keeps the time of the game.  1 calls the stats.  1 writes the stats down.  In Girls MS, we can usually get away with just two people.  If we have 4-5 people at each game this weekend, we can make more that might feel uncomfortable doing this, learn from others.  Please volunteer!

As always, please reach out to the coaches before or after practices and keep emailing/texting coaches about your players availability for games and practices.

Coach Doug


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Tomorrow & Season Outlook
by posted 02/14/2020

Girls 14U Warrior Parents,

Jam packed info below.  Check out the highlights up top and then please go back to the rest of the email to know more about the season.

  • OPTIONAL Watch the Girls HS Wolverines battle out DV at 930am tomorrow

  • PRACTICE will start promptly after the game (around 1045am) for about an hour to stretch our legs on a full field scrimmage

  • Girls that come to watch the game will man a concession/swag stand for the game


Please send your athlete out to watch and cheer on our Girls HS Wolverines in their first game of the season, tomorrow at 930am.  We will run a short scrimmage right after and I promise to get them worn out by running the full field.

We're still growing and that means we need to adjust

We added two new players to the 14U roster over the last week.  We are just about too big for one team, not enough age-appropriate players to make two, and we don't have enough 11U players to form a true youth team.  This is all good stuff, but we want to give every girl enough playing time.

While the coaches are still working on things, we do want to assure the parents of some key takeaways for any adjustments we make.

  1. Every girl will play, and as much as they can handle
  2. We will keep the roster in tact on the website and in practices....no separate practice times.  We may offer some extra time for our younger players to get some good one-one instruction from the coaches

Once the coaches talk, we'll send out a separate communication to the whole team to let you know what we would like to do to meet the objective above.

The Club has re-ordered jerseys for the whole team to match the ones we had last year

We just re-ordered the correct jerseys this week and hope to have them by the first games, but we will have alternatives.  One big thing will be during pictures.  We'd like girls that have the shooter shirt from last year to make them available to teammates and Coach Stacy (our manager) will send out good instructions for the Tuesday, February 25th picture day

We will NOT have practices over Rodeo Break (Feb 20-23)

Enjoy your time off.  Currently, we will have practices over spring break to get ready for games on March 21st

Season Schedule - please RSVP on our website early!

The Arizona Girls Youth Lacrosse League decided to align with the Girls HS season and start games on Feb 22nd.  We elected to take a bye during that weekend due to Rodeo Break.

Our first game weekend will be February 29th @ Scottsdale Sports Complex.  It's going to be fun-filled, lacrosse packed weekend as we play games with the youth boys at the same place.  Girls HS have a double header of games that day in Scottsdale as well.  Much more on coordination on that later.

Game weekends are the time when the team forges that "teamwork" bond.  Parents - please volunteer to carpool players, set up after game events, and provide snacks for the games.  Please work with Stacy Burden, our team manager, on how you can help out.

While our website is up to date, with TBD times (expecting times for the year early next week), I'll list out the dates below with some notes.  Of note, there are five Girls 14U teams in the league, seven 14U 8v8 teams, eleven 11U teams, and five 8U teams.

Feb 29th - Scottsdale Sports Complex (with boys youth)

March 7th - Naranja Park (boys youth in Rillito Park)


March 21st - Scottsdale Sports Complex (with boys youth)

March 28th - Gilbert/Mesquite HS (boys youth in Rillito Park)

April 4th - Scottsdale Sports Complex (with boys youth - this ends their season)

NO GAMES APRIL 11th (Easter weekend)

April 18th - Will Nolan Park/Ahwatukee

April 25th - Girls AGYL Cactus Cup @ Gilbert/Mesquite HS

Please RSVP on the website for games.  The website schedule is the best place to let the coaches know if you will/will not be at a game.  It gives us a easy rundown of the roster and helps in our planning.

Okay, I'm spent....hit any coach up with questions or concerns and let's get laxing!

Coach Doug


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Practice tomorrow 10am & Future Opportunities
by posted 02/07/2020

OV Warrior Parents - 

Wanted to get an email out last night to shift our practice on Saturday a little later, but didn't...sorry!

Practice for Saturday, Feb 8th shifted 30 minutes later to 10am-1130am.

I also wanted to send out two weblinks to some after season activities that I think are some of the best lacrosse opportunities for the summer.

Rhino Lacrosse Camp for Girls - Flagstaff, AZ - June 7-11, 2020

My daughter went to the 1st time this camp was offered after the very popular boys clinic (that's a week earlier than this).  This year they have given the girls a full week and have Nicole Graziano - assistant coach for ASU lacrosse to lead the camp.  Coach Nicole played at the University of Florida and coached at Rutgers University for the past three seasons.  Rhino Lacrosse (Ryan Powell) is a big supporter of OVLC and we share some of the same values.

I would love to see a group of our girls attend this camp (Kaylie is in).  Below is the info link to rhinolacrosse.com.


Joining AZ Xtreme on a team trip to America's Finest Rivalry Tournament - Temecula, CA - June 13-14, 2020

The AZ Xtreme group is a Ahwatukee based travel team that is soliciting interest for some of our girls to join them in a tournament in California.  OVLC considers the Ahwatukee Lady Lightning Lacrosse Club a sister club.  Some of their players play with Christine Piazza, who heads up the AZ Xtreme.  Christine has invited some interested players to join her in this tournament.  Info about the tournament is below.


If either of these opportunites excite your player, let's talk.  We're still three weeks ahead of our season, but there is a discount for the Rhino Camp that ends on March 1st and the tournament opportunity usually requires a commitment soon.

Coach Doug


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