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COED 8U update
by posted 01/27/2020

COED 8U Athletes & Parents,

Wanted to pass an update for our team - we have 8 COED players and that's awesome.

Coach Brandon, Hannah, and I are so excited with their development from the first practice.  They are some of the best "cradlers" I've seen at this level and already catching on to some of the elements of lacrosse reserved for later progression.

Practices are held Tuesday, Thursday from 530-630pm and Saturdays when we don't have games. 

We want to scrimmage at least once a week to develop their game play and those will always be with the team.  Please make sure they are available for scrimmages.


Concussion baseline testing should be this week (after some delays), we apologize but believe in this free service provided by our sponsor, Athlon PT.

This testing is a new concept where players answer a few questions and are evaluated on their cognitive skills BEFORE the unlikely event of a "bonked head".  It is strictly optional and with our COED team, we may not ask the athlete to do the testing.  If you see your child being evaulated by a certified professional on the sideline, feel free to inquire about the testing.  OVLC takes your input seriously and we want to provide this service as a benefit.

There is no practice on Rodeo Break.

While we're still working out Saturday practices in February, we'll update you on the website and email when we do.  Anticipate having Saturday practices.

Team and Individual Pictures will be taken on Tuesday, February 11th.  We will start at 5pm as a club and individual team times will be announced by the team managers.

I got our packets and price sheets wet during a fun "rain practice" so I am getting more.  Also, the club will post the price sheet (at least) to give you advance notice.  Please attend the team picture!  It means so much for everyone on the team.  There is no obligation to purchase pictures, but there is an obligation to be in the team picture.

As always, communicaton is the key to success.

If there are any concerns, please find a coach after practice.  

Coach Doug


PS Thank you for giving your child the experience of playing lacrosse.  It means so much to them and our coaches to watch them grow up


PPS Like us on facebook, check us out on instagram.  There will be local play of the older kids that is accessible to our team to watch and see what it's going to be like as they grow up

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