Oro Valley Lacrosse Club offers Kindergarten through High School opportunities to play an exciting sport for both boys and girls. Together with other Tucson Lacrosse clubs, your young athlete will thoroughly enjoy youth lacrosse with the emphasis on spor

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Girls HS update - FIRST GAME FEB 15th
by posted 01/27/2020

Girls Wolverine Athletes & Parents,

Practice is very important and growing to be a committment we would like all players to attend.

We understand the pace of HS (we think) and know that part-time jobs, and illness get in the way, but honestly, we're struggling to get a full team practice.  Parents, please communicate with your athlete that they need to attend every practice they can.

Our first game is THREE WEEKS AWAY.  We open the season with a double header of lacrosse, at home (Naranja Park), and will have an audience.

The FULL schedule is posted on our website and we have required players to log in to the website and view the schedule (most need your help with logging in).  There is a RSVP button to the right of the game, where we need to have the athlete RSVP.  This is a "one-stop-shop" for the coaches to know how many players we have for each game and plan our lineup.

Coaches will be placing girls into positions very soon and the team play during practice will coordinate into a gameplan.

Please sit down at a computer and plan out the game schedule now, so we can have a good idea of our team makeup.

Concussion baseline testing should be this week (after some delays), we apologize but believe in this free service provided by our sponsor, Athlon PT.

Team and Individual Pictures will be taken on Tuesday, February 11th.  We will start at 5pm as a club and individual team times will be announced by the team managers.

I got our packets and price sheets wet during the fun "rain practice" so I am getting more.  Also, the club will post the price sheet (at least) to give you advance notice.  Please attend the team picture!  It means so much for everyone on the team.  There is no obligation to purchase pictures, but there is an obligation to be in the team picture.

We don't have a team manager or scorer volunteers yet.

We had one parent volunteer her time to one of the groups to organize a senior night or end of season celebration.  I promise you it's not a lot of work, but is VERY rewarding to help us out.  Be a booster to your athletes success and email me back that you will help out.

As always, communicaton is the key to success.

If there are any concerns, please find a coach after practice.  We will need to start organizing some volunteer time to help set up and tear down practices/games, learn how fun it is to score a game, and keep the girls excited about being on a team (through snacks, fun things to do after games, and even on off days).  Please volunteer ahead of when we ask, so we've got some "go-to" parents.

Coach Doug


PS Thank you for giving your daughter the experience of playing lacrosse.  It means so much to them and our coaches to watch them grow up into young adults

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Responses needed - Welcome to OVLC SPRING LACROSSE
by posted 01/13/2020

Welcome to OVLC's Spring Girls HS Lacrosse Season!

It's Coach Doug, here to do a little "data dump" on all good things about our second year in lacrosse.  Please find the time to sit down and enjoy this information over a cup of coffee, but DO RESPOND to some items as soon as you can.

  • Spring Season Starts TODAY, practice & game schedules posted
  • New year, new coach, please meet Coach Kamryn Coulter
  • Request a "team manager" mom/dad to help us be successful
  • Sunday, January 26th, ASU Queen of the Mountain Recruiting Event
  • Two special events, Senior Night and End of Season, need volunteers
  • Online "swag" store open till this Sunday (not much in inventory)

Spring Season Starts TODAY!

Our normal practice schedule this year has changed for the better!  It's Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday (when we don't have games) from 7-9pm (10-12pm on Saturdays) at Naranja Park.  We switched the Friday to Monday, YEAH!

Practice attendance is EXTREMELY important!  Coaches will tell the girls it's MANDATORY!  We understand that other life events get in the way, but we request your help in ensuring the girls are putting a priority on everything they do.  We already have enough girls to field a full team (with subs!) and practice attendace is a input we have on how much game time girls will have.

There will be a group communication set up with the coaches so that the athletes can immediately notify a coach if they can't make a practice.  We ask your help to make sure they are doing the right thing for their team.

ALSO, game attendace or RSVP will be taken through the website or smart phone app.  We would request to know as early as possible if there are known conflicts with the game schedule by communicating that through an RSVP on the website.

The game schedule is already posted on the website!  While there are potential changes, it's a really great schedule for us this year and we will have a great season.  Some highlights:  LOTS more home games, a full home/away series with our in-town rivals, Salpointe and some potential to be the highlight game during times when our middle school girls play.

The website supports "calendar feeds" if you are so inclined and although the smartphone app companion to the website is not exactly perfect, it could help.  You use the same username and password as the website.

PLEASE take the time to look at the schedule on the website and discuss your athletes ability to attend each event.

New Year, New Coach, please come out to meet Coach Kamryn Coulter!

We hired a brand new girls HS coach this year and I'm very excited!  Coach Kamryn Coulter comes to us from California, where she grew up around lacrosse and has coached before.  She played on the UArizona (still hard to write) girls lacrosse team.  She's a graduated Wildcat (just this December) and has plans to be in the Tucson area for years to come.  She has shown her skills during our fall clinic and some guest coaching experience in the fall.  Can I also say, she's SUPER excited to be our coach!

Supporting her will be a cast of great coaches we've been able to have in the past.  Coach Annie Kaiser will help out with girls HS and really concentrate on Girls 14U.  Coach Gary Jones (Karoline's dad) has been an extremely helpful coach for me in the fall and will continue to support Kamryn in the spring.  He has checked out in US Lacrosse as an official coach and ready for the new year.

Finally, supporting all of them will be guest coaches from the U of A club lacrosse team, Coach Sara, and of course I will be there on some nights to make sure we are in the right direction!

Dad/Mom helpers:  I've been asked how can some of the parents can help out in the practice area.  I invite parents to every practice and your help in setting up goals, shagging balls, etc would be very helpful.  Just introduce yourself and we can have an even better team.

Team Manager Position NEEDED - Respond to this email as soon as you can

Oro Valley Lacrosse Club prides itself on being a community lacrosse club and we do that one way by supporting our coaches with parent team managers.  BENEFITS include: 1)Being first "in-the-know" about team happenings and informing other parents what's going on 2)Having a vote/say on team morale events or purchasing 3)Helping with organizing volunteers for events around our team's success.

As a team manager, you will: Get communication from coaches and give information from parents to coaches and set up the girls for success.  Don't worry - your top cover for club and league events is me, Coach Doug, as the VP of Girls Teams.

Don't think you can support us that way?  Here are some things that the team manager will need from EVERY parent:

  • Setup and Tear Down of Game Day
  • Sideline Manager for Games (it's an official position for the games and helps the refs and coaches with the sideline parents)
  • Scorer & Timekeeper for Games (don't be scared, you will have plenty of training, and I usually am there to help you specifically). THIS IS A GREAT OPPORTUNITY TO GET A FRONT ROW SEAT TO THE GAME, as well as learn and love the sport that your daughter has or will
  • Specific event committees (more later)

ASU "recruiting event" known as the Queen of A-Mountain

Okay, I know, it's ASU and not U of A, but it's FREE and FUN and GREAT.

This event on Sunday, January 26th is FREE TO GIRLS HS PLAYERS but I need to know, like yesterday, if they will attend.

What makes this a recruting event (which doesn't have to be ASU) is that it will be a fun 4v4 tournament (think 3v3 basketball) in which college coaches are observing players.  I'm making no promises.  Talk it over with your athlete.  They already know about it.  Check out the graphic below.

Two Special Events this year and I'm already planning on them - Respond early as well

We would like to have a small commitee of parents for two special events, Senior Event and End of Season ceremony.  So, OVLC is looking to make these two events VERY SPECIAL this year and that means we'd like some volunteers to help during the season to make it great.  Recognition is VERY IMPORTANT to me and we had an amazing senior event for the BHS last year.  Responsibilites would include 1)running the event, 2)meeting a couple times to plan the event, 3)giving recommendations to the board to approve the event

Not finally, as communication is a constant item to be effective, BUT if you want to show your club spirit, we've opened up our online "swag" store until this Sunday


We plan on NOT having too much in inventory this year to impulse purchase, so get in on the action today.

I'm totally looking forward to this season!

For new parents, I want to let you know I value communication the most with parents!  Although, I may not always be at practice, you can ALWAYS reach out to me!

I'm the Vice President for Girls Teams and the 8U program.  I'm also the head coach for the Girls 14U team (which btw, about 8 of them are going to be freshman next year).  I am responsible for all those club teams and always available to you, the parent.

Please call, text, email, or see me in person if you need ANYTHING!

Coach Doug Charters

VP of Girls & 8U - Oro Valley Lacrosse Club



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